Playford-to-the-Present 2015

Here are photos from our 15th Annual Playford-to-the-Present English Country Dance Ball, on Saturday, October 3, 2015, at the Pasadena Scottish Rite Cathedral. Caller James Hutson presided over the event, with live music by Flutatious (Miranda Arana, Bonnie Insull, Christa Burch, Jeff Spero).

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2015 Program of Dances: Angels Unawares, Belgia Retriev’d, Chelsea Reach, A Health to All Honest Men, Impropriety, Josephine, Joy After Sorrow, Key to the Cellar, La Gavre, Mary K, Michael and All Angels, Pat’s Tradition, Star of Kintra, Trip to Orpington, Trip to Paris

All photos taken courtesy of Aileen Poehls and Renée Camus, used with permission.


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